In Episode 22 of the Herbal Hour Podcast we have a special treat for y’all! This week we explore the mysterious world of medicinal mushrooms with the mycologist and medicine maker, Jason Scott!We delve into the alchemical technique of spagyrics is and how it is used to make herbal extracts in a holistic way, the medicinal benefits of some commonly used mushrooms such as Reishi and Lions Mane, and speak on evolutionary theories and fun facts about mushrooms!WATCH FULL VIDEO OF EPISODE 22 MEDICINAL MUSHROOM ALCHEMY**CLICK HERE Herbal Hour Podcast Channel**Jason Scott is a Mycologist and Spagyricist based in the Pacific Northwest, founder of Feral Fungi where he produces Mushroom Spagyric Tinctures, and founder of AlcheMycology. His works have been published in Radical Mycology and in Verdant Gnosis! To check out his work visit Jason’s website about alchemy & mushrooms and pick up a spagyric medicinal mushroom extract at his herbal supplement website Feral Fungi.