A few months ago, mushrooms started talking to me by unexpectedly growing in a houseplant pot next to my bed. Synchronistically, that week I found myself at Jason Scott’s mushroom workshop at Ambrosia Elixirs in Bushwick, Brooklyn. My life hasn’t been the same since.

Whether you have an interest in mushrooms or not, I’m sure you will enjoy this rich, mind-expanding conversation that covers:

The benefits of ingesting mushrooms on physical and spiritual levels Shamanic and ceremonial application of mushrooms Cultivation of mushrooms What spagyric tinctures are How to buy mushrooms and what you have to be careful about The top mushroom that can benefit entrepreneurs (this is where biohacking comes in) The power of intention when ingesting mushrooms What is alchemy anyway? What mushrooms have to do with planets and moon cycles, and how it can impact you The challenges of turning your passion into a business, and how Jason overcame them Lessons he has learned from being a myco-entrepreneur The role that technology and social media play in his business Connecting with mushrooms as a way to heal ourselves and our environment Mentioned in this episode: Radical Mycology: A Treatise On Seeing And Working With Fungi book by Peter McCoy Alchemycology.com – mycology through the lens of Hermetic Alchemy RadicalMycologyconvergence.com Ecovative mycelium packaging Hashtag Mindful conscious social media course on Skillshare Connect with Jason Scott: Feralfungi.com @feralfungi About Jason Scott: Jason Scott is a Mycologist, Ethnobotanist and Spagyricist who has studied traditional Hermetic Alchemy, from history and philosophy to practice, for the past 5 years. He has a background in Ethnobotany and Plant Medicine that started on the Big Island of Hawaii and has carried back with him into his home: the Pacific Northwest.

Born and raised in Oregon, Jason has an intrinsic interest in the Fungal Queendom and all of its aspects: from cultivation and mycoremediation, to historical and cultural relationships. Most specifically their medicinal application. Jason has studied various different healing modalities including Ayurveda in Nepal and Western Herbalism all over Oregon and Washington. He is on an ever-deepening journey of education to understand the practical applications of his interests, and the golden threads that connect them. Jason is the founder of Feral Fungi dual extract spagyric tincture company.

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