In the Alchemical tradition, there is a teaching that speaks towards the Three Kingdoms of Life: the mineral, vegetable, and animal. Yet for some reason the fungal kingdom has consistently been overlooked, or lumped together with plants, and they’re discussed little.

Luckily for us, as mushrooms have entered more deeply into human awareness as powerful medicines not only for ourselves, but the Earth itself, they’ve been getting a little more attention from the alchemical community these days.

That’s where Jason Scott comes into the picture. A practicing alchemist, herbalist, and mycologist, Jason has dedicated his life to understanding the fungal kingdom, their medicinal properties, and their unique placement within the alchemical philosophy and practice.

This includes some unique methods of extraction not discussed elsewhere in alchemy, or even standard herbalism.

Jason is a contributor to the book Radical Mycology and has published articles in Verdant Gnosis. He’s the founder of Feral Fungi, where he provides powerful spagyric extracts of medicinal mushrooms. Check out his work here: