This website will be divided into the three philosophical bodies of every living being, as applied to mushrooms, through the traditional Alchemical perspective.

As this space is developed, things will move around and change, but here is a basic framework for what you might find under each principle:


Here we have the body, the physical interactions and implications of the fungal kingdom. Through the realm of the Salt we will explore applications of mushrooms as they effect and enhance our ecology and lives through Myco-remediation, Medicinal preparation, and Cultivation. We will also link to projects and hands-on experiences offered through this and other communities in learning and teaching about the fungal realm.


In Alchemy the Sulfur stands as the essence of the being, its energetic expression and architecture. Through the realm of the Sulfur we will explore practical ideas about the essence of the fungal kingdom as it relates to Alchemy. This section will hold space for particular biology of the fungal kingdom as it relates to its individual expression - including medical application and constituents of different products of the mushrooms, as well as newer areas of exploration into Fungal Energetics, Doctrine of Signatures and Correspondences and archetypal associations.


The Mercury is the universal element, and regards the universal, invisible, and most spiritual aspect of the being. As such, the realm of Mercury on this page will explore the intimate relations of mushrooms to culture (ethnomycology) through its various forms. This will be the intellectual side of exploring how mushrooms interact with our communities through traditional myths and histories, as well as how they continue to influence our consciousness and cultural patterns.

Each of these sections is based off of a general philosophical framework as I understand them, and as such are subject to influence and flexibility. This is a developing field and I would love insight into this explorations as they come to you! This is a group exploration into an ultimately un-recorded field of study that has major implications in our development as a global community.